‘I’m not good enough’ The most common bullshit belief.

When I start to peel away the layers with my clients, no matter what, lurking away at the bottom there’s a form of ‘I’m not enough.’ Oh, and me too, it’s totally mine.

We weren’t born like that, we absorbed a rocky platform of shitty beliefs.  Some were built on good intentions by our parents and teachers, many others programmed in by media and marketeers. I thought eating an apple pip would result in a tree growing in my belly, (when I was 5). I think we all believed in Father Christmas for too long. Then it went on to be more life negative, being separated at school, not chosen for teams, told you were right or wrong, tick or cross.  Then it grew, our confidence began to lose its power as we learned to unlearn some of the good stuff and picked up a load of fear-based rules.

And so, as adults, we have a load of ‘I can’t’ layers.

Some of us aren’t aware and go on in a sad trance. Some of us know but don’t know how to start the peeling. A few of us are on a personal growth path and work hard to peel and reveal.

Not many of us have the confidence to let go of our limiting beliefs, even when we acknowledge and accept them. Change is scary and a lot of work. Change also means taking action, discipline and determination.

Imagine if we learned how to THRIVE NOT JUST SURVIVE?

I would love you to be brave enough to at least peel away the corner. See if you can imagine living as your higher most fabulous, imperfect and owning it, SELF.  Because it seems to me, when we do this, magic happens, it really does.

I want you to know that all growth starts with YOU, you going inside you. You can do all the research and courses you like, I do, but it’s your internal affairs that matter the most.

Let’s start to access your bullshit beliefs.

Check this list for starters, do you have any of these thoughts?

I’m not good enough for him, her, to be successful, happy, make money?
What about my anxiety, I may die? I am too scared.
I can’t, I may fail. What if I let them down? I’m too tired. People don’t like me. I am lazy. It’s too hard. It’s easy for them. It’s his fault. I don’t know how.
I need people to like me.
What if I am pushing my luck?
What if I lose everything?
I’m a moron. (Someone magical actually said this to me yesterday).

To start with, just list your common negative statements that you can link back to, ‘I’m not good enough’.

Even if you can only find one, do it.

Start asking yourself a different question, start loosening up your limiting beliefs.

Learn to hear your bullshit beliefs and listen with compassion, it’s ok. You don’t have to beat yourself up, you can laugh at the proof of your own bull.

Then, acknowledge your strengths, call them out, go to sleep thinking about your proud moments. (This helps me get to sleep, it’s weirdly soothing.)

Remember not to take yourself so seriously, I’m serious 😉

Start to ask yourself:

What if I learn from failure?
What if I decide who and how I am going to be?
What if I can change lives?

What if I am more powerful that I dare think?
What if my dreams can be real?
What if you swap your fear of not being good enough, to your fear of what if my life is a miracle and it’s time to stop selling myself short?
What if I stop wasting my time trying to convince others because I am the only one who must be convinced?’
What I know now is, who I am today is a product of my past pains, and my dreams.
What I know now is, I am the one who decides if I fail or succeed. I’ll embrace the fear.

I must no longer doubt myself.
Ask yourself how bad you want a brilliant life, to make a difference, to live each day on purpose?
Be fierce in your mission, no one can tell you how to be.
Push forward, no shortcuts, feel the life force in your belly or your chest.
You have the power to get yourself through to the next level.
Most people give up, but not you!
You must know, you are precious, step forward and accept the challenge.

First step calling out your limiting beliefs about not being good enough, just call those suckers out and see them for what they are.
No one can know what’s inside your soul, sing your own song, be brave.

Love yourself more, you are amazing.

Love & Stardust

Caron xo



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