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TRIBE is a Nelson based Modern Networking Community of positive, supportive & passionate women working together for the benefit of each other as a collective.

TRIBE welcomes positive inspiring women of all ages

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A Message from TRIBE Leader, Caron Proctor

Many of us are held back because we try to create and sustain a successful life and business all by ourselves, afraid to ask for help.

At TRIBE, our members become instantly connected. Together we commit to working as a team helping one another build a more successful life and business and we encourage every member to be their true selves, liking and loving themselves exactly as they are. Get connected today, it’s so much easier and of course more fun than trying to BE everything to everyone.

At TRIBE we welcome all women, not just in business. We believe it takes a Tribe to lead a successful life.

Tribe is a growing family of Nelson people who feel so much more support and connection.

Lots of love – Caron XX

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