Here’s how you can join Tribe.


Tribe Membership.

This monthly subscription is yours for 12 months and opens you up to group deals and discounts, the connection to both groups, monthly meetings, invites to our exclusive events and so much more.

Your membership opportunities:

Advertise with Wild Tomato:

As a Tribe member you receive 10% off any advertising from Wild Tomato plus the opportunity to add your logo to our monthly half page advert from $30 !! Tribe is committed to helping our members receive new business and connection, we advertise each month in the Wild Tomato.

New for 2017 – Mini Pow wow’s:

Join a small group for coffee and get connected to your Tribe in a relaxed and informal way. We have many mini pow wows through the month.

Coming soon the Tribe Directory:

Because we grew so fast we have taken down the original directory and we are about to replace it with a brand new sparkly kick ass directory, perfect for promoting your business or service to the world.

Monthly meetings:
Meetings are held at RIVER KITCHEN Thursday or Friday 5.30pm – 7.30pm once a month running January – November. Our meetings are a vital place to learn about your tribe members, also for education, interaction, promotion, demonstrations and of course support and fun. The bar is open from 5pm.

Members get to:

Meet other members face to face.
See a variety of products.
Sample other members products.
Receive offers and gifts.
Mix and mingle.
See demonstrations.
Relax and have fun.
Learn about Tribe events.

Facebook/Tribe website
You’ll be encouraged to interact with the members through this website and on our private and community facebook pages.

For business members:
You will be able to promote your services or products & have a mini shop at a meetings.
Educate the group sharing your skills, expertise. Hold a mini Tribe talk to both groups.
Offer the group exclusive deals. Create events so that we can bring the Tribe to your business, you take the income, Tribe provide the marketing. Tribe will advertise your events using our email marketing system, 2 facebook pages and during our monthly meetings.
Receive other members exclusive offers and deals.

We have 2 pages on FB.
Your Tribe website has a global reach and anyone from around the world can view you and your business/services.
Your Tribe website is the place to check your Tribe events and group discounts/deals.
Your Tribe website is a way for anyone to use our directory.

Tribe events:
As a business member, you are invited to showcase your business by creating an event for your Tribe members and also your Tribe members and friends.
We offer support in event creation & management.
Our events are a great way to promote your business or service and for your Tribe members to get together for fun and connection.

Our events are Tribe exclusives, created by Tribe. We welcome Tribe friends and family and we advertise this to our public page. Bringing you so much more connection and reach.

Tribe workshops:

We offer a variety of workshops from modern marketing to zen meditation.

Check out your members group deals, you are offered exclusive discounts and deals, making your membership even more valuable.


  • All members receive special discounts and offers from many of the tribe members.
  • We endeavour to have a balance of industries, speakers, & events to support you during the week for any suitable promotional activity, collaboration and connection.

    We promote a positive attitude in life and in business.

    We support our local community.

  • You will NOT be pressured into uncomfortable presentations, you will be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone one step at a time. You will be at a point where you are ready to connect, support and be supported.
  • Each member is invited to attend monthly meetings. It is encouraged to attend as many as possible however we do understand the need for holidays and the unexpected circumstances. There will be no formal meeting held in December, we will instead host a Christmas party and celebration.
  • If you change your mind and no longer wish to be a Tribe member you can cancel with no questions or fees at anytime.

We'd love to hear from you. Join yourTRIBE

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