Frequently Asked Questions

We host big meetings monthly from January to November. You can choose whether to attend on a Thursday or Friday night.

The doors & bar at River Kitchen opens at 5pm – 7.30pm.  The meetings are a very important part of your membership, and vital to engage with your Tribe members and for education, interaction, promotion, demonstration, support and of course fun! No talk of finding referrals or business card swapping unless you really want to.

New for 2017 – Pow wows, we meet several times a month in smaller groups for coffee and connection. – Usually held at The Kitchen 111 Bridge Street. Must be booked* These are a fab way to get to know your Tribe and not at all scary!

This is a networking business, so yeah, ya gotta show up if you want it to work. You can choose to come to one or both nights and of course we know you are busy and have holidays, we won’t mind if we don’t see you at every meeting.

It’s an investment not a cost.

Just ask yourself, will I be able to make $45 a month back in new business or by using the deals and discounts, or even, will I benefit for my personal growth and new contacts ??

$480 for a years membership or $45 a month if you want to spread the cost. There is a $6o admin fee only payable if you choose monthly payments.

Just for fun at $480 it works out at $9.23 a week, or as we put it, one glass of wine 😉

You will easily make back your membership in group deals and especially if you run an event, you receive the income.

You won’t want to cancel if you are stepping up for yourself and making the most of all that we offer, but just in case…

If you have chosen the monthly payment option you will not be required to make any further monthly payments and mid you can cancel at anytime.

The annual membership is none refundable but you can freeze it for up to 3 months.

Tribe also reserves the right to freeze any unpaid account after 2 months of none payment.

Go to the Join now page and see even more!

Your Tribe membership opens you up to a wealth of opportunity.

Here’s a few, you can either sit on the side lines or jump in and embrace the abundance of opportunity.

  • Meetings & Tribe talks.
  • Mini pow wows – coffee talks.
  • Event creation & promotion ( You have the event you take the income )
  • 24/7 online connection to your Tribe on our private group page and also our public page.
  • Free promotion to the group and public pages.
  • Free listing on our new business directory ( launching March 2017 )
  • Deals & discounts from the Tribe members.
  • Free events such as picnic in the park with you and your family.
  • A team of professional others on hand to help you with your life and business.
  • Instant connection online.
  • Some workshops are free, some are chargeable, the charge goes to the member not Tribe.
  • You can have a pop up shop at a tribe meeting to showcase and sell your products or services.
  • Once a year we hold a mini expo, this is free at the moment.
  • A dedicated leader who commits to facilitating the growth and strength of the Tribe.
  • We invest in website development and growth with no extra charges to you.
  • We invest financially  in promoting the whole Tribe business online and in other publications. In particular a monthly Wild Tomato half page ad!
  • You receive the chance to advertise in the Wild Tomato for just $30 with our group advert.

Please visit the ‘About Tribe’ page for full details by clicking here.

This covers some of the administration required in setting up a new member, including things like set up on our website and on social media, and in our finance and our online marketing systems. This is a one-off charge and is non-refundable.

We waive the joining fee if you choose the annual payment option. Click here for more information.

We offer a monthly payment option, so if you don’t feel like you can dive in, then you hop out, no questions 😉

Our events range from business workshops and seminars to cocktails parties and picnics on the beach with friends and family. Some events are free of charge and some have a cost associated with them. If you choose to host an event you take the income.  Tribe events are your events and so is the charge. Many of our members enjoy a healthy increase in sales hosting an event, talk or mini shop.

Please follow this link to see current events
Please follow this link to see images of past events

This does depend on the event, but overall we do encourage Tribe members to bring along family and friends. Some events are limited to Tribe members and/or their immediate family if numbers are restricted.

Not at all – many of our members joined just for the social benefits. This way you can meet new people, receive offers, come to workshops, events and experience new things. We believe that you do not have to be in business, or own a business, to be an inspiring woman. This is one of the things that sets Tribe apart from all other business network groups.

Yes! We encourage you to promote your business in a genuine, friendly and ‘non-salesy’ way. We strongly believe in the power of natural referral and organic growth. However, if you prefer, we can also support you with a faster track to success. The combined experience of the Tribe management team and our members provides a one stop shop to help you develop your business.

We offer many ways in which you can do this.

Yes. An abundance of interaction occurs via Facebook. You would miss out on vital connections, information and opportunities if you chose not to engage via Facebook. We can help you set up a personal and/or business Facebook profile if you don’t already have one.

We consider each application based on what that business and owner brings to Tribe and what we can offer them.  We strive to have a good mix of professionals and none professionals and NO we do not limit the industry.  Instead we look for balance and collaboration. We are women who support all women.

When new members join Tribe they almost always tell us that it is so much more than they thought it would be. We also have lots of members who had previously tried other ‘networking’ groups but found that they didn’t offer what they needed. We are passionate about what we do, and we think we’ve created something special and unique.

We encourage a non-competitive, supportive relationship with all members. We love that even within the same industry we all have something different to offer.
We don’t force our members we encourage and lead.
We connect each other in multiple ways.
We have non-business women in Tribe also – At Tribe we believe all women have the potential to be inspiring and are committed to helping anyone who is able to learn to stand tall.
Our monthly meetings are not during the working day.
We have a wide variety of professional business women from all sorts of businesses, and lots of equally inspiration women who are not in business.

We do not limit our industries to just one person, we believe each woman has something different to offer, we do however limit a few industries to 3.

We collaborate to bring our members to your door.
You can cancel anytime.
Our meetings are not just meetings, they are fun, informal and inspiring.
Our Tribe leader is a professional and successful business & life coach.
We welcome male guest speakers & support where relevant and appropriate.
We are as focused on the woman not just the business.

Our members create and receive deals and discounts.