To gather together an inspired, empowered community & create a supportive space for women to thrive in business or life.

Some of the Key Benefits our Members Enjoy.

Your Tribe is devoted to the connection and growth of all women in pursuit of their dreams.
We have created a solid foundation where our members can co-create, collaborate and level up.
Together we embrace our shared struggles and dreams and we empower one another to build a life and business we love

This vibrant community tears down the walls of isolation and brings together women in business & life.
Engage with our warm-hearted collective of women at a monthly gathering, an intimate pow wow, event, workshop and online.
You can host a pop-up shop, Tribe Talk, workshop & event, we will hold your hand & bring a crowd. You are listed on the Tribe directory for the entire universe to find you.
Tribe has built a magical space for women to interact one-on-one through meaningful discussions – the perfect opportunity to ask open questions, share struggles and start conversations.

Here’s why.
Life is a roller coaster of new challenges.
We hear ya, it’s hard and often isolating trying to do everything by yourself.
We are here to hold your hand and inspire you – making sure your mindset, brand and business are on the right path. It’s the community we dreamed of.
We see how encouragement, a safe supportive encouraging network, and the right strategies can lead women to incredible growth and opportunities.

Build your confidence and thrive
At Tribe we will show you how to share your story or product in a safe environment. We will help you to feel confident and offer a loving environment for you to be heard.

Tribe members share discounts and special offers with each other, you can give or receive so much value.

How the TRIBE came to be.

An evolving story of the need to connect with great humans!

A need for a Positive Sisterhood and a place to grow a happier life and business.

As a business owner, wife and mother I discovered a heavy loneliness and feeling of being stuck in groundhog day.

I had left my UK tribe and I missed the sisterhood wildly.

My long time dream has always been to create a positive women’s retreat, not a sad place to be a victim, more of a community of cheerleaders. After all, my mother fostered over 100 children and showed me how to score a win for humanity.

I knew I needed to build strong relationships with other women, not only in business but within our community. I just didn’t fancy any of the other networking groups that existed. I was anxious, even as a successful coach I still have the struggle of self-doubt.

I longed to join forces with other inspiring women, I wanted to bring together positive local women and hear their stories, learn about their experiences and help me to enlighten others. I wanted to bring together all of my work and experience.

But, I hated the thought of networking and being forced to find referrals for people I didn’t even know.
I was literally sick of wonky relationships with passion lacking people who failed to deliver, only contacting me for their own needs. I was walking a one-way street.

Suffering from a long term anxiety disorder, I shrivelled at the thought of walking into a group I didn’t know and having to do a presentation. I feel yucky at falseness and pushy sales.

I had started a group up in 2011, where I ran 2 classes a week, this was my first step.
It was a lazy exercise class and it took off instantly!! The thing was, the Friday morning class became so much more. I had a few events and gatherings and soon the group formed into a small tribe. The need for friendships, support, and leadership was clear.
I then went on to do group Retreats and coaching workshops, there was a high demand.

But for me personally, I wasn’t getting the support I needed.
I was part of an online FB networking group in Nelson and I contributed to that, but again, no support back and a load of fear-based members.
I talked to my friends and clients for 2 years about what to do, I wasn’t even considering starting another business.
My first thought was to create a simple monthly meet up and a Facebook page. Easy eh? That was January 2016… Your Tribe was born and the ride of my life had begun.

Now we see self-confessed introverts launch businesses and talk to the group when at first they did not want to stand up and say hello. We see the transformation. We see amazing women who have suffered in life stand tall, who at first said they didn’t have anything to offer. We see smiles and realness as we grow together. We see a Tribe of women who want to belong to something real. We see family members of Tribe join us at our events, we are a community with a common-unity!!

We support the Nelson community and economy, we support local charities and trusts.

This is the power of a supportive group of women, connecting, collaborating, educating and encouraging each other.
We now have the members offering intergroup deals, events, and partnerships. Our sisterhood is strong, as we have learned how to break away from traditional networking and become a life and personal development group.

My anxiety is practically gone as I stepped into this powerful and true way to connect, I am no longer lost. Yes, there is turbulence, and yes, I am buckled up for the ride, it takes us to beautiful destinations. My coaching practice is so much more fun as I work with the members and together we embrace the challenges of life.

Join us if you feel any alignment.

There is no cost, only investment. There is no contract and you can pay monthly.

Dare to change. Dare to desire. Dare to be successful.

I would love to hear from you.


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